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Configure Appigo Todo Cloud for use with The Cycle

In Time Management for System Administrators I describe a way to manage your todo lists which I call "The Cycle". The book came out before the existence of smart phones and app stores, so it doesn't include some important info.

The iPhone app (now available for Android) that I use for The Cycle is Appigo Todo Cloud. It can be configured in a way that makes it easy to do The Cycle.

If you recall, in The Cycle you set up a todo list for each day. At the end of the day, you move the remaining items to the next day's list.

Todo Cloud doesn't support this directly, but you can fake it.

  1. First, we will use the "Due Date" field as the date you want to "do" the task. When we sort the todo-items by "Due Date" we'll see what appears to be one list per day.

  2. Second, to "bump" tasks to the next day, we'll configure the "Quick Menu" (press-and-hold on a task) to include the "Postpone" button.

Here are the configuration settings I did to achieve this:

  • Sorting:
    • Due Date, Priority
  • General:
    • Completed Tasks: "on"
  • Show: For one week
    • Display Options: Turn on Overdue Section, Color Overdue Dates
  • Focus List:
    • Show tasks: (enable all + Completed: For one week)
  • Task Creation:
    • Due Date: Today
  • Priority: None
    • Quick Menu:
      • Postpone, Today, Tomorrow
      • Star, Next week, No date
      • Due Date, Start Date, Skip

When you "invest 5 minutes" each morning to plan your day, simply press-and-hold any item you want to move to the next day (postpone). Drag and drop the items around to prioritize them.

That should be all you need to do. However I set up my app a long time ago so I may have left some things out. If you set up Todo from a completely "factory default" state, I'd appreciate knowing if I missed anything.

Note that I am not affiliated with Appigo. They probably don't even know that I recommend it so often or even know that their product works so well with the techniques recommended in Time Management for System Administrators.

Posted by Tom Limoncelli in Time Management

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I got Todo just over a year ago after reading one of your posts about it, and have really gotten a lot out of it, thanks!

Unfortunately, since version 7 Todo Cloud is aimed only to iOS: "The Todo Cloud 7 app is exclusively designed for iOS 7. ... Todo Cloud 7 will only run on iOS 7" ( So they stopped developing the version for Android. I've used it there for very long time, so I'm gradually searching for replacement for the last year but didn't find anything suitable yet.

That's an old blog post. Since then they've started making a big deal out of the fact that they don't charge extra no matter how many platforms you sync to.

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