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I'm a system administrator one day a year.

Many years ago I was working at a company and our department's administrative assistant was very strict about not letting people call her a "secretary". She made one exception, however, on "Secretary Appreciation Day".

I'm an SRE at That's a Site Reliability Engineer. We try to hold to the ideals of what a SRE as set forth by Ben Treynor's keynote at SRECon.

My job title is "SRE". Except one day each year. Since today is System Administrator Appreciation Day, I'm definitely a system administrator... today.

Sysadmins go by many job titles. The company I work for provides Question and Answer communities on over 120 topics. Many of them are technical and appeal to the many things that are system administrators.

We also have fun sites of interest to sysadmins like Video Games and Skeptics.

All these sites are fun places to poke around and read random answers. Of course, contributing answers is fun too.

Happy System Administrator Appreciation Day!

P.S. "The Practice of System and Network Administration" is InformIT's "eBook deal of the day" and can be purchased at an extreme discount for 24 hours.

Posted by Tom Limoncelli