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System Administrator Appreciation Day Spotlight:

This being System Administrator Appreciation Day, I'd like to give a shout out to all the people on who help system administrators find the answers to their questions. If you are patient, understanding, and looking to help fellow system administrators, this is a worthy community to join.

I like to click on the "Unanswered" button and see what questions are most in need of a little love.

Sometimes I click on the "hot this week" tab and see what has been answered recently. I always learn a lot. Today I learned:

ServerFault also has a chatroom Chatroom which is a useful place to hang out and meet the other members.

Happy Sysadmin Appreciation Day!


P.S. "The Practice of System and Network Administration" is InformIT's "eBook deal of the day" and can be purchased at an extreme discount for 24 hours.

Posted by Tom Limoncelli