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LISA "call for participation" is open: and boy is it different this year!

This year the LISA CFP is different both in content and form. This represents a big change for this conference LISA. There is less emphasis on academic talks and instead more emphasis on high-impact, cutting edge talks on what sysadmins need to know about today and in the coming 18-24 months. If you consider the changes over the last few years, soon LISA will be unrecognizable (in a good way) from LISA of the past.

This year the focus is on 5 topics:

  • Systems Engineering (Large scale design challenges, Cloud and hybrid cloud deployments, Software Defined Networks (SDN); Virtualization; HA and HPC Clustering; Cost effective, scalable storage; Hadoop/Big Data; Configuration management)
  • Culture (Business communication and capital planning; Continuous delivery and product management; Distributed and remote worker challenges; On-call challenges; Standardization to support automation; Standards and regulatory compliance)
  • Devops (Site reliability engineering; Development frameworks for Ops; Release engineering; API-driven operations; Continuous deployment and fault resilience; The Ops side of DevOps)
  • Monitoring/Metrics (Monitoring, alerting, and logging systems; Analytics, interpretation, and application of system data; Visualization of system data)

  • Security (Network IDS and IPS; Incident management; Disaster resilience and mitigation; Security testing frameworks; Continuous release security; Current security challenges)

I'm excited that LISA is modernizing and updating (and I'm glad to be on the committee).

The form of the CFP is very different too. In past years it has been page after page of text that, to be honest, makes my eyes hurt after a while. Now it is succinct and focused with a "Submit your proposal" link at the end.

I'd like to point out that rather than emphasizing academic research papers, that isn't even mentioned until the end. People that think of LISA as a "ivory tower researcher" conference will be pleasantly surprised. Research papers are now a specific track, constructed by a separate committee so that the main organizing committee can focus on bringing in the best talks and tutorials.

You should also notice that the term "invited talks" no longer appears in the CFP. Everyone is asked to submit their proposals and the committee will pick the best. (This was true in past years, but the term "invited" was left in place.) Of course, the committee will be chasing down particular people and topic experts, but if you don't hear from the committee, don't be shy! Reach out to us!

Proposals are due April 14, 2014. Please submit your proposals ASAP!

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