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Isn't it time for an "Intro to Time Management"?

I'll be teaching my "Intro to Time Management for System Administrators" class at LOPSA-East. I haven't taught this class in ages so this is a good opportunity to check it out.

The class covers the most important points of my Time Management for System Administrators O'Reilly book. Sysadmins have a time management problem: There are too many projects. Too many interruptions. Too many distractions. This half-day class presents fundamental techniques for eliminating interruptions and distractions so you have more time for projects, prioritization techniques so the projects you do work on have the most impact. It wraps it all into "The Cycle System" which is the easiest and most effective way to juggle all your tasks without dropping any.

LOPSA-East is a regional sysadmin conference in New Brunswick NJ, May 2-3, 2014. More info here:

Personally my goal for this class is to give you the tools so that you can get a good start on the techniques so that you can mold and shape them to your own needs.

I'm surprised at how many people have taken this class multiple times. One person told me he takes it every few years "to brush up" on the basics.

Taking this class at LOPSA-East has the benefit that, due to the small class size, I have more time for Q&A.

Sign up today!


P.S. I'll also be teaching my "Evil Genius 101" half-day class, which focuses on how to convince coworkers and managers how to do "big changes" like adopt configuration management, DevOps techniques, and so on.

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How does this differ from the time management course you taught at LOPSA-East last year? I remember that being extremely basic for someone who read the book, despite the description saying that it would go beyond the book.

Excellent question. This will be very basic. If you've read the book already, I wouldn't sign up. It might serve as a good refresher or as a way to kickstart yourself into the process, but otherwise I recommend it for people that haven't "had time" (ha ha ha) to read the book.

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