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We're hiring at StackExchange! SRE with Networking focus

Come join the team that runs ServerFault, StackOverflow, and over 100 other Q&A websites plus "Careers 2.0", the most awesome job site around. We have a great manager (I'm not just saying that because he reads my blog) and cool coworkers!

Site Reliability Engineer, Networking (by which mean mean a Linux SRE that knows networking really well; and isn't afraid of Windows)

Examples of projects that you'll work on:

  • Bring configuration management to our network infrastructure so we can scale to N datacenters
  • Tune both our network equipment and servers to have the lowest latency possible
  • Make our site-to-site VPN connections highly available

Posted by Tom Limoncelli

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This position sounds like where I want to be some day (unfortunately not quite there yet...) you guys should take a look (if you already haven't) at Cumulus Networks and what they're doing to bring a pure Linux environment to networking... Thinking about giving a talk on it at this year's LOPSA-EAST. Good stuff!

+1 I was just at a Cumulus Meetup I agree they are doing some excellent stuff!!

+1 This is my dream job as well except I'm not quite there yet.

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