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IPv6 Flashcards

In IPv4 there are a number of things that every sysadmin knows. I bet you recognize the following:

  • /24
  • /26
  • /32

You probably didn't even have to think hard about most of those.

So what are the equivalents in IPv6? I don't mean the direct translations, but what is the list of terms and numbers that sysadmins should know?

I recently sat down and came up with such a list. I listed things that Unix and Windows sysadmins should know. WAN/LAN network administrators need to know a lot, lot, more. This just covers common knowledge, a lot like the IPv4 list above.

Next I did what any good geek would do: I made Flashcards.

You can study them, quiz yourself, and even print them out. They make a great birthday gift (not really).

The flashcards are here: Click "start study session" then either "standard" or "4D". The "Printer Friendly HTML" view is good too.

I'd like to thank Phillip Remaker Eliot Lear (both from Cisco) and Shumon Huque (from UPenn) for their help proofreading the cards. Shumon gets special thanks since I used his slides to get most of the information. Shumon will be teaching classes at Usenix LISA 2013 on DNSSEC and, of course, IPv6!

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