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I'm giving away 2 free admissions to PuppetConf 2013!

The fine folks at PuppetLabs have given me two tickets to give away!

Puppet Labs wants to send two of my readers to PuppetConf this year in San Francisco (happening August 22 - 23rd). The two lucky winners will receive free admission (travel, hotel, meals is for you to provide... though super discounted hotel rates are available if you book by July 16).

PuppetConf 2013 is set to host 2,000 attendees this year and include speakers from VMware & RedHat. It will take place at the Fairmont Hotel, located in the heart of downtown SF, where a ton of other social events around the conference are set to take place. The 3 days prior are full of training and developer meetups.

How to win:

  • Step 1: Fill out this form by noon on July 14th (east-coast time): LINK
  • Step 2: At that time I will pick two entries randomly... though my random number generator may be affected by really awesome answers.

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[As you may recall, a few months ago PuppetLabs gave me a few free admission tickets to give away. One of the recipients was Jennifer Joy, who wrote this conference report. -Tom] Conference Report: PuppetConf 2013, by Jennifer Joy It... Read More

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Darn, missed the deadline by six minutes. :)

nooooooooooo missed it! :(

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