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Site Redesign Launched! is proud to announce our newly redesigned website!

  • New design and color scheme. After nearly 10 years this new design has a more modern feel.
  • New Feature: The sysadmin events calendar is now a tab for easier viewing. This calendar of events is a joint project with Matt Simmons' Standalone Sysadmin Blog.
  • Updated: Author biographies and book descriptions.
  • New feature: A spinning book carousel in the header!
  • New automation for the "See us live", "Awesome Conferences", and "Best of Blog" boxes.
  • Much improved navigation for older posts.
  • And much much more!

We expect to be making minor adjustments over the next few days. Please post bug reports or suggestions as comments to this post.

Thanks to Mihai Bocsaru of PRO IT Service and who was able to take my ideas sketched out on napkins and turn it into the site you see today. Great job!

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Nice enhancements, well done.

On my laptop (never mind my phone!), the actual content would start “below the fold”. I’d suggest shrinking the header and the “Awesome conferences” and “See us live” boxes vertically. (That said, I get the content via RSS feed anyway, so it won’t actually affect me much.)

I like it. Nicely done! Looks more clean and modern than before.

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