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"The Finer Art of Being a Senior Sysadmin"

Sheeri K. Cabral's talk from LCA2013 is now available online:

"The Finer Art of Being a Senior Sysadmin"

The video is 17 minutes long and makes a lot of references to a blog post I wrote last September.

It is a great talk and well worth watching!

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The link to the talk is a 404

It's not even a 404; the server is totally unresponsive. and seem to be unreachable right now.

I found a copy of the presentation slides, however, with links to good stuff (Tom's post, of course, as well as one by John Allspaw):

The link was fixed shortly after it was reported.

If you are getting 404s now, my guess is that had a problem. I was able to view all the links just now. Maybe it is intermittent or on your end?

Hm. Yeah, it appears to be on my end. Tunneling through my home or my VPS I get to the server without a problem.

Two more comments on the link:

First off, URL shorteners are great for e-mails and Twitter, but why not put the full URL in your post / HTML? It's not like you have to worry about character count. :)

Second: if you are going to use a URL shortener, can you please add a short note about the destination of the link?

I have no idea what an "OGV" file is, but I'm pretty sure that most folks on smartphones and tablets cannot easily play it after it downloads, and it'd be better if they went to the link on their desktops or notebooks. Personally I was expecting to be sent to YouTube (or at least Vimeo), and was un-pleasantly surprised when a file started downloaded.

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