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My Pre-LISA checklist

  • Get haircut
  • Print out 2-factor "rescue codes" in case my 2-factor fob is lost of dies.
  • De-junk my wallet.
  • Practice slides for the Ganeti tutorial, Time Management tutorials.
  • Reach out to co-workers about coverage while I'm away.
  • Verify flights and hotel information.
  • Pack

What's on your pre-LISA checklist? Please post in the comments. I'd like to know!

See you in San Diego!

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laptop #1, power cable
laptop #2, power cable
phone, iPad, kindle, headphones and chargers
camera, tripod, camera bag, camera cables & charger
wireless access point in case wifi sucks in the hotel
flexible extra bag to keep schwag in on the flight home
earplugs for flight and possible loud neighbors in hotel
3oz or smaller containers of all needed toiletries
verify nagios is happy on all production machines
verify nagios coverage
verify flight & hotel
don't spin up anything new up to 48 hours before departure
cross fingers that everything stays sane and quiet

I always try to stop shaving a few weeks before LISA so I'll have the street cred of a traditional sysadmin beard.

You forgot the sweet goods, for USENIX staff :) ...

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