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Android Calendar without Google calendar

Occasionally I get asked for a system that can keep a todo list and calendar and sync to a desktop directly i.e. without going through a internet-based system like Google Calendar. Pimlical has a new product that does this. I haven't tried it, but I was a big fan of their Palm OS products so I thought I'd give it a plug on my blog.

The new release of Pimlical/Android and Pimlical/Desktop let you sync between your Android phone and desktop using "DirectSync" rather than syncing via Google Calendar. The press release I received says this "Removes any concern about security/safety of personal data by bypassing the cloud and Google's servers."

Pimlical -- the successor to DateBk6 that now supports Windows and Android platforms. DateBk6 was my favorite Palm todo list management software.

More information here:

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Hi TOm,

have a look at, it syncs files, calendars and address books (at least it's on the way to get there..)

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