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Revamping "The Limoncelli Test" for Cascadia IT 2012 (Seattle, WA)

If you are in the Pacific North West I hope you are planning on attending the Cascadia IT conference March 23-24, 2012. And if you are attending, I hope you have signed up for one or both of my tutorials. I'll be teaching "Intro to Time Management" and a new class "The Limoncelli Test: Evaluating and improving sysadmin operations".

"The Limoncelli Test" is a tutorial I first did last December at LISA '11. It was kind of a half-baked idea and I got a lot of really excellent feedback. I've revamped a lot of it and I think the class it going to be much better. There are three changes I'm making:

  1. Order: I'm re-ordering the sections to be more logical.
  2. Emphasize making change: I'm putting an emphasis on how to convince your coworkers and managers to join you in making these changes. Attendees were easily convinced to adopt these practices but many pointed out that the hard part is how to get cooperation from others in your company. Thus, I'm emphasizing various techniques for influencing others. It's going to be about half the class.
  3. Homework: I'm asking all attendees to read "the test" as well as the many pages of explanation ahead of time. Grade your team. Come to the tutorial with questions. This will accelerate the class and, to be honest, let me pack in a full day of tutorial information in the half-day allotted to the class.

If you are signed up, please post a comment (just a "I'm in!" would be nice). If you took the class in December, please feel free to post feedback.

And of course... if you haven't registered for the conference: DO IT NOW!


Register for Cascadia IT 2012 here.

See you there!

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Signed up for the Time Management tutorial Friday morning. Very excited.

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