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Usenix SAGE is now Usenix LISA

Nothing is changing except the name.

I think this is a good thing. There's too much confusion over what is SAGE and what is LISA. Now people can focus on what LISA does, not figuring out which name to use when.


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I actually disagree. LISA is now a conference AND a subgroup of Usenix. Also, the name, from the conference traditional meaning, is Large Installation System Administration, so does that mean that small site admins shouldn't be members of the SIG? This is a needless rename in my opinion.

While LISA was originally an acronym, it hasn't been for 10+ years (officially).

Everyone is large :-)

I beg to differ. The LISA '12 event page clearly labels it as the 26th Large Installation System Administration Conference.

Now, I'm a member of a special interest group that's not an acronym and has no meaning? How can I use that to talk to sysadmins who might not be members? SAGE made sense: I was a member of a guild of system administrators. LOPSA makes sense: I'm a member of a professional group of sysadmins.

I see absolutely no benefit to this rename of the SIG. I see it as creating confusion.

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