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In one of Isaac Asimov's books, he foresees a day when telecommunications becomes so inexpensive that it becomes essentially flat-rate; for a monthly charge we can call anywhere in the world and talk all we want. As a result, people do begin to talk to others around the world. This breaks through the artificial walls to communication created by politics and we see that everyone is the same around the world. Soon, world peace is achieved. In the story, this happens around 2000.

It was about 2000 at which point internet use was a big part of our lives and, usually, was flat-rate. Thus, if you accept that "telecommunications" includes the internet, his prediction of flat-rate global communication has come true.

We use github and and other systems to collaborate globally without realizing how amazing that it. In 1999-2001 when Christine and I wrote TPOSANA the publisher was amazed at how we did all our collaboration over the internet; it was still a relatively new thing. Today we take it for granted.

When I see a project like Playing For Change it makes me optimistic about the other part of Asimov's prediction:

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Great song, thanks for posting it!