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Mind of Root podcast's "book club"

Keith Albright and Steve Murawski do a great sysadmin podcast called "Mind Of Root". It is mostly Windows-focused but has a lot of great Linux stuff too. Recently they've been reviewing chapters of The Practice of System and Network Administration one or two chapters per epidsode. They pre-announce which chapter will be discussed so you can read it before the next episode.

They usually record the podcast live, and you can join in a chat room and be involved in the show.

I'm really enjoying listening to people talk about the book. When they agree they usually have an excellent story to tell, and when they disagree they're right 99% of the time (I keep saying to myself, "D'oh! Why didn't I change that in the 2nd edition!")

It looks like one (or both?) of them will be at the LOPSA PICC Conference, April 29-30 in New Brunswick, New Jersey. It will be great to finally meet!

Here are the episodes where they've discussed chapters so far:

  • Episode 147 - Snow Reboots (Chapter 5 - Services)
  • Episode 146 - The Blue Cables Are Faster (Chapters 4 and 6 - Servers and Data Centers)
  • Episode 145 - State Of The Workstation Address (Chapter 3 - Workstations)
  • Episode 144 - Gross. Get it? (Chapter 2 - Climb Out Of The Hole)
  • Episode 143 - Did I mention the Book Club?

Enjoy the podcast!

P.S. Hey guys! One of you (can't tell who said it) mentioned they'd gotten a Kindle for Christmas. Nearly a day later Amazon and our publisher worked out whatever technical problem they were having and TPOSANA finally appeared on the Kindle store! Coincidence??

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Thanks for the great comments about the Book Club. We're having a great time going through it.

I'll be at PICC (teaching a half day PowerShell class) and Keith might be coming up as well.

I'm the one that received a Kindle for Christmas and as soon as you emailed me that the book was available for the Kindle, I grabbed my copy. It's great for syncing my book club notes between my computers and my Kindle. ;)

I'm looking forward to meeting you as well.

Thanks for listening!

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