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TPOSANA 2nd edition now on Kindle!

We're happy to announce The Practice of System and Network Administration is now available on Kindle!

Thanks to everyone at Addison-Wesley and Amazon for making this happen. Thanks to all the fans that clicked on the link on Amazon asking for a Kindle edition.

Posted by Tom Limoncelli in Book News


Cool! Now please can you ask (beg) the publisher to make it available as ePub too for those (Kindle-less) of us who own BeBooks?

I'm seeing the Kindle price listed as $47.99 and the paperback as $40.90. :-(

Most likely it's priced above the paperback because it has some textbook-esque elements...

ePub would be my preference as well, but often this is up to the publisher not the author. That said, I've had great experiences with O'Reillys multiple format availability, which is the gold standard at this point for me.

Holy cow on the price-tag, though! Typically Kindle books are "cheaper" than buying the dead-trees version, sometimes even "much cheaper". Rarely are they more expensive. :-/

I'd thought about buying it (again) on Kindle just for easier reference purposes, but it's tough to cost-justify that against just the cost of the print edition, especially since the print edition is actually easier to navigate "topically" than kindle editions of books is.

It might be worth trying to convince A-W to offer AMZN a better discount level on the ebook, to increase the odds of purchase.

It's not available in the UK kindle store yet, and in the US kindle store, we get screwed even more, thanks to VAT (our equivalent of sales tax), which takes the kindle price up to $55. And that's not even to own the ebook, it's only for a license.
I just wish that publishers weren't so scared of new technology/business models. O'Reilly do a good job on that front, $5 to get ebook if you already have paperback, multiple DRM free formats, and updates to the books (eg improved fonts) for free.
And the worst bit is, I'm probably still going to pick up the TPOSANA kindle version, as karting the paperback around in my bag is no good for my back.

... but I'm still getting spots on my glasses!

The proofreader tried to take that section out! She didn't understand why it was appropriate for the book. Ugh. No sense of humor.

Thank you for reminding me about the funnier parts of the book! :-)

Available on the UK Kindle Store for £19 (about $30). A bargain. Thanks.