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Tom's 2010 In Review: Personal Trends

Python: I really love python. This is the year I really got into it. Thanks to a project that was all python, and some very helpful coworkers that answered all my dumb questions. There will be a post about my new-found love of Python on my blog soon.

Django: This web framework for Python is full-featured, well documented (OMG getting started was as easy as following a simple tutorial), and makes light work of any web development I have to do. Thank you, Django authors!

Ganeti: Still using Ganeti for virtualization. Saves tons of money over, say, VMWare.

FreeBSD + ZFS: My personal (physical hardware) server was running FreeBSD 5.4 (for those of you not familiar with FreeBSD releases, that's so old that not only do they no longer do security patches, but half the new package management utilities started to break). I finally upgraded it to FreeBSD 8.1 and enabled ZFS. Wow, I love ZFS. I wish I could use it everywhere.

Television: This year I upgraded to HDTV, still use my Tivo more than ever, and can't miss an episode of "The Big Bang Theory". If you don't watch this show, set your DVR to record it now.

Favorite web sites: I now get all my technical news from, my political news from and my geek-i-tude from Recently I have discovered the joy that is and I'm becoming addicted.

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Happy New Year, Tom! I hope you'll have time to finish that RU tool this year.

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