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Time Management and Routines (VIDEO)

One of the most important tips I give about time management is developing routines and habits. Here's a video clip from a larger lecture I gave on time management.

[Please excuse the quality of the audio and video. (I should also point out that I feel like I was under-rehearsed and do a better job of this now)]

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I've been reading your book on Time Management for System Administrators...this sounded a lot like the opening chapters of the book!

Great book by the way, I'm glad I picked it up.

What would you say is the most important chapter in your book on time management?

Most important chapter? Hmm... I'd say the first chapter. I crammed a lot of info into the 1st chapter since I figured most people would only have time to read that part.

Seems like a lot of Tom's post-TM4SA talks and writings have gone away from TM4SA.

While in TM4SA, it was "have everything one page and and always with you", now it's use "Appigo Todo" this, and gcal that.

Everyone has their own tools, but the software solutions are just really frustrating to me.

And STILL nothing syncs tasks to a calendar app via the cloud without some significant hoop jumping.

I'd like an app that morphed between the month/week/day view of the Franklin-Covey planner.

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