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ACM Queue magazine adds system administration articles!

If you read ACM Queue Magazine you'll notice a lot more articles relevant to system administrators these next few months.

ACM Queue Magazine is known for being a great magazine for the computer science practitioner has decided to reach out to system administrators by adding articles about sysadmin topics. (I've helped curate the first set of articles you'll see.) There is an increasing trend where software developers need to know more and more about the systems their code runs on. System administrators increasingly strive to automate as much as possible.

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) is widely recognized as the premier membership organization for computing professionals. If you are a computer scientist, you are probably a member already. ACM used to be very stuffy and academic. Over the last 10 years their magazine has changed dramatically to be readable by most practitioners. I find their coverage of cutting edge topics to be excellent. Their industry news is more useful to me since it is less influenced by vendors.

Also, you'll see some articles that are for software developers but explain to them, well, the things that sysadmins wish they'd know. For example, this issue has an article called "Virtualization: Blessing or Curse?" by Evangelos Kotsovinos.

Check it out here:

(excellent reading for the long weekend)

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Maybe this means I'll stop ignoring Queue. I don't think i've looked at it in forever.

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