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Followup to my DevOps post

That post got more comments than I've gotten in a long while. A lot of really good points were made so I thought I'd follow up with some responses.

Many people pointed out that I was conflating job titles with movements. DevOps is a movement, a philosophy. It isn't something you'd use as a title. It isn't a particular tool, and you can't have a "devops compliant" system. Ok, I was wrong to conflate them. So maybe it would have been more accurate to say that the DevOps breaks away from the bad reputation that IT departments have, not the job title (which I still think has a reputation that is a mixed bag).

At Velocity 2010 Adam Jacobs explained it really well. You can see a video of it: Adam Jacob on DevOps

I highly recommend this video.

(Hey Adam, are you going to LISA?)

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I won't be at LISA, although some other folks from Opscode will be. Next year for sure. :)

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