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Episode 2: Why I'm excited about Usenix LISA: The Chuck Yerkes Award

The Chuck Yerkes Award is presented annually to the person (or people) judged to have most significantly mentored others on the various SAGE member forums. It was created after Chuck Yerkes' untimely death in 2004. Beginning in 2009, the Chuck Yerkes Award is determined and presented by LOPSA.

It was my honor this year to help suggest and gather nominations and aide in the selection process. So, I know who the winner (or winners) are, but you'll have to attend to be there to applaud in person.

By attending the conference you get to make them blush by congratulating them every time you run into them in the hallway.

For more information follow the LISAConference Twitter: or the hashtag #lisa10.
You can find a long list of discounts available here. Register soon!

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I've had the pleasure of watching your discussion on Time Management, and it prompted me to send it to my boss for his perusal as well. One of the items that kept leaping out at me was how you discussed the personalities of sysAdmin as the constantly interrupted problem solvers. So here's an odd question: With your familiarity of SysAdmin personalities, would you vote for a SysAdmin for president?

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