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Episode 13: Why I'm excited about Usenix LISA: The Usenix Staff

I could probably a lot more episodes but I think that if you haven't registered by now, there isn't much chance you are going to register. Though, if you are local to San Jose, it is pretty easy to stop by for a single day if there is something of interest.

Thus, I'm going to end this series with a little tribute to the Usenix Staff. The LISA conference would not be the success it is without the Usenix staff. They are friendly, detail-oriented, and really get things done. I'm ashamed to admit that sometimes I take for granted how well-run Usenix conferences are until I go to a non-Usenix conference. The difference is, well, sometimes shocking. My expectations have been set very high.

Thank you, Usenix Staff!


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Tom, Thanks for all your help in getting the word out about LISA --- lots of excellent content and community. And thanks for the kind words about the staff-- we aim to please!

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