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Quicken 2010

Gentlemen, set phasers on "grumpy rant".

I've been using Quicken since around 1995ish.

For the first time since my finances got complicated (10 years?) the "one step update" now smoothly updates all my accounts, downloading entries from all my various financial institutions. (Well, almost.  My low-tech mortgage company doesn't offer the ability to download updates. Why should they? They're too big to fail.)

All it took was spending an entire afternoon calling each and every institution's support number to find out what was wrong and how to fix it.

Truly the mark of high quality software.

I tried and it does all the updates for me. Sadly, it doesn't do the things I currently do with Quicken.  Now that Intuit (the maker of Quicken) has bought, let's see how quickly they can fuck it up.  No offense, Intuit, but the history of the software industry is rife with stories of mergers that sink both the buyer and buyee.

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Have you tried MoneyDance yet? A friend/co-worker (former Quicken/Mint user) swears by it, and it has all three of the important clients Windows/Mac/Linux.

What was the problem? All of my Quicken import went through just fine when I went from 2006 to 2010.

That said, I hate a few things they did with the interface, but it's pretty much same old same old. I honestly have trouble seeing any reason to upgrade Quicken.

The problem wasn't the upgrade. I've been suffering with random accounts not updating for months. I think it was entropy. I finally put my foot down and decided to spend a bunch of time getting it all working.

Interesting. Using GNUCash, I always assumed Quicken actually worked and that it was just GNUcash that sucked.

Amusingly, my credit card supports OFX but my regional bank does not. Of course, GNUCash also helpfully informs me with a debug dialog when SSL certificates are valid. Since I've moved to putting all my daily transactions on my card (fraud insurance, interest free 30 day loan and cash back is a deal I've been going without for too long), OFX has made the process far less painful.

Quicken was great until I upgraded to 2010. I have had countless problems since then.

Quicken no longer offers phone support, only e-mail that answers half of the question.

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