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SysAdvent has begun!

SysAdvent has started its second year.  SysAdvent is a project to count down the 24 days leading to Christmas with a sysadmin tip each day.  Last year Jordan Sissel wrote all 24 days (amazing job, dude!). This year he has enlisted guest bloggers to help out. You might see a post of mine one of these days.

While I don't celebrate the holiday that the event is named after, I'm glad to participate.

Check out this and last year's postings on the SysAdvent Blog:

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Howdy! Thanks for the sysadvent mention.

I don't celebrate the holiday, either, but it sure is a good fit for knowledge sharing. Speaking of celebration, have you checked out the Perl folks this year? There are 5 or 6 different Perl advent calendars. That is awesome!

Some minor corrections -
Last year sysadvent diverged slightly from the 24-day advent schedule and had 25 articles. I wrote 23 of them, and Matt Simmons and Ben Rockwood wrote the other two.

I look forward to your write-up :)

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