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My roadmap for LISA

I've used Google Calendar to make a list of what I plan on attending at LISA.  In past years I would spend the breaks trying to decide what to do next. This year I've precompiled my decisions so I can spend the break socializing. You can view my decisions here.

My general plan:

  • Attend the sessions I'm involved with
  • Attend papers more than Invited Talks
  • Go to the LOPSA hospitality party at night when I'm not busy
  • Go to CHIMIT 2009 in Baltimore when LISA is over

What's your plan?

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I have to admit, it's not nearly so planned out. I've only attended LISA once before (2006), and serendipity played a big role in discovering what was available. I imagine it'll be the same this time 'round.


So . . . you're skipping LISA this year?

No, you have to click "next month".

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