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Is your ISP for the birds?

How do you demonstrate that your ISP is crap? Implement RFC1149 (IP over Carrier Avian) and show that the ADSL line being provided is "slower than a bird"! That's what people in South Africa did to embarass Telkom. Telkom has not yet commented.

There are images of other implementations of RFC1149 in our book, The Complete April Fools' Day RFCs.

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The problem with the story is that... actually it's not surprising!

4Gb of data; 32Gbits. Even at 8Mbit/s that's over an hour. Even my FIOS connection is only 5Mbit/s upstream (20Mbit downstream) and so would take longer than an hour to transmit.

And all they had was aDSL, so probably much lower upload speeds.

Now let's see them do the same test over 120 miles, 500 miles...

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