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New Moleskine daily planners shipping

As I said  in TM4SA, the ideal time management system keeps many months in the future with you at all time, fits in your pocket, and can be with you 24/7. Moleskine makes a book small enough to fit in your pocket but has a "page per day" and lined paper.The date is pre-printed at the top of each page.

I was going to write about it last year when someone showed me theirs but the web site was sold out for 2009.  Luckily the 2010 model is now available.

The secret is that the paper is very thin, but not so thin to be fragile.

See their 2010 daily planners on their web site:

For other tips on PDAs, PAAs, and software, I've recently updated the TM4SA wiki:

(This is an unpaid endorsement, by the way.)

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I simply use google calendar and evernote. I also keep a notepad with me all the time to jot down things/ ideas.

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