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People that have read my time management book often ask me if I have advice about procrastination. I generally don't.

Strata recently pointed me to an excellent audio workshop on the topic. It's a 2.5 hour MP3 that you listen to. There is a 10-page PDF that you need to print out first because the audio program pauses for you to fill out the blanks in the sheet. Don't try to just follow along viewing the PDF on the screen; having it on paper is worth it.

Download it here:

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Tom will be presenting his talk "Site Reliability at Google" at Unigroup in NYC in January. The meeting is open to all.

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LISA 2007

Hey folks! Tom here. We're at the LISA 2007 conference in Dallas, Texas. Tomorrow (Wednesday) morning I'll be teaching a half-day class on reforming a failing sysadmin department and Strata and I are doing a book signing in the vendor room from 12:20pm-2pm. We hope to see you all there!

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Tutorials and invited talks will be presented by Tom Limoncelli and Strata R. Chalup, co-authors of the new 2nd edition of The Practice of System and Network Administration. LISA 2007 is in Dallas, Texas, Nov 11-16. Register now!

TutorialTime Management for System AdministratorsSunday AMLimoncelli
TutorialPractical Project Management for Sysadmins and IT ProfessionalsMonday AMChalup
TutorialProblem-Solving for IT ProfessionalsMonday PMChalup
TutorialClimb Out of the "Bad IT" HoleWednesday AMLimoncelli
Guru-Is-InTime Management for System AdministratorsWednesday 4-5:40pmLimoncelli
EventBook Signing for Time Management for SysadminsTBALimoncelli
 Book Signing for TPOSANA 2edWednesday 12:30-2pmLimoncelli & Chalup
HTGRHow to get your papers accepted at LISAFriday 2:00-3:30pmLimoncelli et al

Strata and Tom will be at the entire conference and look forward to hanging out!

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