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Tom and Strata @ LISA '07, Nov 11-16, 2007, Dallas

Tutorials and invited talks will be presented by Tom Limoncelli and Strata R. Chalup, co-authors of the new 2nd edition of The Practice of System and Network Administration. LISA 2007 is in Dallas, Texas, Nov 11-16. Register now!

TutorialTime Management for System AdministratorsSunday AMLimoncelli
TutorialPractical Project Management for Sysadmins and IT ProfessionalsMonday AMChalup
TutorialProblem-Solving for IT ProfessionalsMonday PMChalup
TutorialClimb Out of the "Bad IT" HoleWednesday AMLimoncelli
Guru-Is-InTime Management for System AdministratorsWednesday 4-5:40pmLimoncelli
EventBook Signing for Time Management for SysadminsTBALimoncelli
 Book Signing for TPOSANA 2edWednesday 12:30-2pmLimoncelli & Chalup
HTGRHow to get your papers accepted at LISAFriday 2:00-3:30pmLimoncelli et al

Strata and Tom will be at the entire conference and look forward to hanging out!

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