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Need to jott someting down?

A principle in Time Management For System Administrators is that we shouldn't trust our brain to remember things. It's better to write something down, or record it somehow, rather than trust our brain. Besides, it leaves more brain space for important things.

I often recommend that if you don't have a way to write something down, call and leave yourself voicemail. There is a company called that does this even better. You call them, say what you want, and the text of what you said is emailed to you, along with a link to the audio file. They use caller-id to determine who you are. The voice-recognition is pretty good so far. (I've used it twice). They keep an archive of what you've recorded. The UI when you dial in is very good (I like the fact that it is safe to hang up after you hear they've received your message.)

You can also "jott" to other users.

It's now an open beta. Sign up here.

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"Got it" from /sys/admin/blog on August 3, 2007 8:14 AM

I’ve been using the free transcription services of Jott that Tom blogged about earlier this week. I’m amazed at how well it works and nothing beats it when you’re driving somewhere and want to make a note of something that popped in you Read More

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Jott definitely has a way when your hands are tied. I like the fact that you can set up Jott to where you can receive a copy of the jott you sent to others. It allows you to see if the transcription went through ok! Speaking of ....I've been really impressed with the transcription lately. They've even hit proper nouns right! Gotta love it! Try this thang while it's free!!

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