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2nd edition delayed at the factory

A number of people have reported that their pre-orders have been canceled on Amazon and other book sites. Our publisher says that usually doesn't happen unless the delay is 6 months, which is not the case here. The publisher's liaisons to has been contacted and is going to find out what is wrong. In the meanwhile, please resubmit your order and accept our apologies.

We're told, "The Amazon order is being packed today [July 10] and should ship later today or tomorrow. It should hit their warehouses by the end of the week."

As far as why the book is delayed, we have an update. It seems that the factory put off our book to make room for a higher-priority book that is coming out. I won't say what the book is, but it has something to do with hallows that are deathly.

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I think I shall go to Amazon right now and order my copy of "Harry Potter and the Practice of System and Network Administration"!

Right now, Amazon says "Availability: In stock on August 7, 2007."

I got a shipping notification from Bookpool at 6 PM EDT today (Wednesday).

I received my copy late yesterday .. fantastic book, Tom :)

I got the note from Amazon that my copy wouldn't be available unto august something... so I cancelled that order, went to Wiley's site, ordered it there, and had it in three days. Woot.

By the way, could you tell your publisher that I'm so desperate for an ebook version that I'm getting ready to tear off the binding and throw it on my document scanner? :)

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