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Don't forget (or don't forget to remind your boss) that Friday, July 28th is System Administrator Appreciation Day.

However the new hotness is the 2006 Sysadmin Of The Year contest. Sponsored by Splunk, LOPSA, and many other organizations. One Grand Prize winner will receive a $2,500 Splunk Professional license and an all-expense paid trip to Washington, D.C. to attend the Large Installation System Administration (LISA) Conference December 3-7, 2006. More than 2,500 other prizes will be awarded. Nominate someone today!


Title: 2nd Edition of TPOSANA Announced at SAGE-AU, Strata Chalup joins the team

During his keynote during SAGE-AU 2006, Tom Limoncelli announced that a second edition of The Practice of System and Network Administration is in the works.

The new edition:
  • Adds Strata Rose Chalup as a new co-author
  • Planned released in December 2006
  • Community Involvement is requested

The award winning Practice of System and Network Administration (Addison-Wesley) was originally released in 2001 and has become the industry standard for best practices in system administration. Many IT organizations consider it their "bible", some even buying copies in bulk to distribute to all new IT workers.

Posted by Tom Limoncelli in Book News

OOPSLA request

It would be great if the annual OOPSLA conference added rock concerts and big parties every night. They could change their name to OOPSL-A-palooza.