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2nd Edition of TPOSANA Announced at SAGE-AU, Strata Chalup joins the team


Title: 2nd Edition of TPOSANA Announced at SAGE-AU, Strata Chalup joins the team

During his keynote during SAGE-AU 2006, Tom Limoncelli announced that a second edition of The Practice of System and Network Administration is in the works.

The new edition:
  • Adds Strata Rose Chalup as a new co-author
  • Planned released in December 2006
  • Community Involvement is requested

The award winning Practice of System and Network Administration (Addison-Wesley) was originally released in 2001 and has become the industry standard for best practices in system administration. Many IT organizations consider it their "bible", some even buying copies in bulk to distribute to all new IT workers.

Strata R. Chalup joins as the book's third co-author. Strata brings her expertise in best practices and process-oriented system administration to the project.

The second edition is a combination of updates and several new chapters, and is currently in development. The current schedule has the book being available the first week of December 2006.

Tom and Christine started the original TPOSANA in a spirit of giving back to the community, and that spirit is very much alive in the second edition process. We're eager for community feedback on what you feel is important in a second edition. Pick a specific chapter near and dear to your heart, and tell us all about how it could meet your needs better! We're interested in having volunteers assist in proofreading and suggesting content for the updated chapters. New chapters will be available in early September for review as well.

Community members interested in helping with the project should contact Tom and Strata at [email protected]

Chapters in the first edition are:

THE PRINCIPLES: 1. Desktops / 2. Servers / 3. Services / 4. Debugging / 5. Fixing Things Once / 6. Namespaces / 7. Security Policy / 8. Disaster Recovery and Data Integrity / 9. Ethics

THE PROCESSES: 10. Change Management and Revision Control / 11. Server Upgrades / 12. Maintenance Windows / 13. Service Conversions / 14. Centralization and Decentralization

THE PRACTICE: 15. Helpdesks / 16. Customer Care / 17. Data Centers / 18. Networks / 19. Email Service / 20. Print service / 21. Backup and Restore / 22. Remote Access Service / 23. Software Depot Service / 24. Service Monitoring / 25. Organization Structures / 26. Perception and Visibility / 27. Being Happy / 28. A Guide for Technical Managers / 29. A Guide for Nontechnical Managers / 30. Hiring System Administrators / 31. Firing System Administrators

END MATTER: Epilogue / Appendix A. The Many Roles of a System Administrator / Appendix B. What to Do When... / Appendix C. Acronyms / Bibliography / Index

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