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If you write to a file that is SUID (or SGID) the SUID (and SGID) bits on the file are removed as a security precaution against tampering (unless uid 0 is doing the writing).

(See FreeBSD 5.4 source code, sys/ufs/ffs/ffs_vnops.c:739)

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The Jifty buzz

Everyone that has seen me speak knows that I love RT for tracking user requests. I was IMing with the author of RT today and he said that for his next product he realized he should first write a good tool that lets him make AJAXy applications without having to do all the work manually. He's done that, and its called Jifty. Now he's building apps based on that. The first one has as many features as RT but is 1/10th the code base. Awesome! Sounds like Jifty is going to be a big hit! (You can find Jifty in CPAN already.)

Oh, and what's the new app called? Hiveminder.

Let the rumors fly! :-)

Posted by Tom Limoncelli in Technical Tips