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Watch my Time Management video for free on Google Video

Time Management on Google Video Friday is my birthday. Instead of asking for a gift, I'm giving one. For the last month I've been working to produce the following 45-minute video that highlights many of the techniques in the new O'Reilly book "Time Management for System Administrators".

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Time management is very difficult for system admins. We’re always getting a million little projects thrown our way, plus tickets, plus phone calls, plus emails… It’s difficult to keep yourself on top of everything you’ve been ... Read More

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You can bet you gave us a gift: this presentation is the best advertisement for your book!

Ari Constancio

The Time Management blog link you posted at the video page is
and comes up as a blog for Joachim Peer.
It should be

It came across as 217 rather than 2176 due to screen resolution. =)

Is there a way to get the whole movie in a single file for download via FTP/Torrent? Maybee it is just a line problem, but I have +3MBps downstream here in Switzerland, Europe but a lot of interrupts watching Google Videos, maybee it's to far away :-(

Thanks for your help!



Bought the book, saw the video. thanks!

The links to the video are broken. The link here takes you to O'Reilly's Sys Admin area to a page titled: "Time Management on Google Video". That page has two broken links to the video, a "tinyurl" version and a regular (long) version that go to:

This link comes up with the error:

Your search - "Time Management for System Administrators" playable:true did not return any results.

If you then edit the link to remove the last "+playable:true" part, it properly goes to the video.

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