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I suppose it would be even funnier if I knew most of the people, but still it's hilarious. Lee Demon's page ("When Wookie's go bad") is the perfect caption:


I attended the SAGE-AU conference in 2002 and had a wonderful time. Everyone was very friendly and I learned a lot. I highly recommend you go yourself.

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I've got permission to hire a sysadmin in our London office. After describing what I'm looking for to a friend he said, "So, you're looking to hire Mini-Me for the London office." I think he nailed it.

So, if you've read the book and still would want to be work for me, consider sending a resume. [email protected]

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I'll be very active at LISA2005 this year. As I always say, LISA is the most valuable sysadmin conference around. If you like the book, please consider taking one or both of the tutorials that I'll be teaching at LISA. It's based on the book but expands on the topic considerably.

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