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Unix/Network sysadmin in London

I've got permission to hire a sysadmin in our London office. After describing what I'm looking for to a friend he said, "So, you're looking to hire Mini-Me for the London office." I think he nailed it.

So, if you've read the book and still would want to be work for me, consider sending a resume. [email protected]


Job Title: Senior Unix Server administrator

Location: London, England (near the Aldgate tube stop)

Skill sets:

  • Unix (Mac OS X, Linux) system administration.
  • Experience with remote operation of machines in a collocation facility.
  • Supervisory or "Team Leader" Experience.
  • Must be a self-starter that can work unsupervised as part of a internationally distributed team.
  • Must have ability to troubleshoot network hardware problems and understand relationships between network and application issues.
  • Windows Server administration experience and knowledge.
  • Experience with system administration on three other UNIX variants.
  • Apache 2.x, IMAP (Cyrus), SMTP (Postfix), Amavis/ClamAV, print server, HTTP, ssh, RAID, Cyclades, WiFi, DHCP/DNS, VNC, NFS, NTP, Retrospect, MySQL, Bugzilla, TWiki, RT 3.x.
  • 4-Year Degree or equivalent work experience.
Optional, but highly preferred, skills:
  • Cisco PIX experience a plus
  • Apple OpenDirectory consolidation.
  • TCP/IP Networking (mostly Cisco equipment).
  • rsync, perl, firewalls, IP routing, AppleTalk
  • Accounting or financial settlement background a plus!


Primary responsibilities will be the day-to-day administration, management, and maintenance of Unix (Mac OS X) servers, internet/intranet infrastructure, and Windows clients. Collaborate to develop and enforce Cibernet IT and operations standards. Must be able to automate tasks using Perl, Shell, or Python. Must possess the ability to install, configure, evaluate, maintain, monitor, and analyze systems and software. Provide support for internal clients, identifying needs and resolving issues utilizing knowledge of Unix and network architecture, hardware, and software. Provide after hours support. Prepare system, process, and procedure documentation and diagrams. Preparation and testing of disaster recovery plans. Fast learner, good people-skills a must. Part of an international team.

Send resume in ASCII or PDF format to [email protected]

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