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Heard any good rumors lately?

You may have heard a rumor that I'm working on a book called "The Art of Time Management for System Administrators." However, have you heard the big suprise? We've licensed cartoons from User Friendly for the book.

Now I just have to find someone to write the forward. Suggestions?

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And, after the "Being Happy" chapter in TPoSaNA, I might actually have time to read it! Mr. Blank-Edelman would be my top suggestion. Joel Spolsky is probably a kindred spirit, though from a developer perspective. Granted, he lives on the Unix-Ain't-So-Sweet side of the street, but Joel On Software shares space on my bedside table with The Practice of System and Network Administration and Perl for System Administration.

IMO, Joel "Sysadmins aren't worth the money because developers can maintain their own machines" Spolsky would be a fairly poor choice.

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