HostDB: a DNS zonefile and DHCP configuration generator


NOTE: We've moved to Google Code:

HostDB is a system for generating internal DNS zones, external DNS zones, and DHCP configuration data from the same hostlist.txt file. Keep your configurations consistent by generating them all from the same source.

The files that are generated are beautifully formatted and easy to "diff" before they are put into production. It even generates the Makefile required to make the system all work together. A "file push" mechanism (mkdestinations), plus many DNS-related utilities are included (sortbyip, genrange, comparezones, checkrootcache).

First unveiled at the Usenix LISA 2005 Conference, San Diego, December 4-9, 2005 under the title, "HostDB: The Best Damn host2DNS/DHCP Script Ever Written".

Released under the GPL on January 8, 2005.

Current stable release: 1.004


Release 1.0042008-05-08
Release 1.0022008-02-07
Release 1.0002006-01-08


  • 2010-01-01: Project moved! We've moved the code to Google Code:
  • 2008-05-06: 1.004 released. new doc about hostdb.txt format, mkzones now handles TXT records, genrange improvements, mkdestination bug fixed and cleaner output. New examples.
  • 2008-02-06: 1.002 released. Improved genrange, canonzone, and adds HIDEMASTER and DOMAINMX keywords to zoneconf.txt. See README.txt and examples/goodstart/zoneconf.txt for more info.
  • 2006-07-05: RPM available. Antoine Brenner as created a source rpm for centos4 (should be fine with most rpm-based distributions). link. Thanks Antoine!

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