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Third Edition:

Third Printing: (TBA)

  • Page 132, Section 7.6.3, mentions "Derek's Boot and Nuke (DBAN)". It should read "Darik's Boot and Nuke (DBAN)".
  • Page 125, Section 7.4.1: The first line reads "The host may not be in a "known state". It may be clearer to say "The state of the host may be unknown."

Second Printing:

  • Chapter 1: Correct typo: The phrase "we user the term customers"; change "user" to "use".
  • Page 315, Section 17.5.
    • OLD: "When this secondary IP address is a loopback address that is advertised onto the network as host route, then it is truly independent of the VLAN, and can be easily moved, even to a completely different datacenter."
    • NEW: "This secondary IP address can be a routable address assigned to a loopback interface and advertised onto the network as host route, making it independent of the VLAN, for complete flexibility."
  • Page 873. Hyphenation error: accountabil-ity should be "accountabili-ty" or "accounta-bility".
  • Page 873. "comes from the the field of" (remove the extra "the")
  • Page 699, Namespace Conflict Resolution sidebar, last bullet: bounce message should refer to Susan.A.Jones@Merged, rather than Susan.A.Jones@companyA. (Needs to be verified)

Second Edition:

  • Chapter 11: Monitoring
    • Change ANS.1 to ASN.1

First Edition:

Preface Errata Fixed in 2nd Printing:

  • Page xxiii, paragraph 2: change "accidentally moves" to "accidentally removes"
  • Page xxvii, paragraph 3: change "Ann Marie Quint" to "Anne Marie Quint".
  • same page: 'Katherine "Cappy" Harrison' becomes 'Cappy Harrison'.
  • same page: Add "Branden Lewis" alphabetically between Steven Levine and Less Lloyd.

Preface Errata Fixed in 3nd Printing:

  • Page xxvii, paragraph 3: Add "David Williamson" to the list alphabetically.

Chapter 5 Errata Fixed in 2nd Printing:

  • Page 95, 5 lines up from the bottom: Change "Even then some project would" to "Even then one project would".

Chapter 6 Errata Fixed in 2nd Printing:

  • Second to last sentence is the sidebar, fix tense of verbs making it, "Of course, only -2, -3, -6, and -8 exist; the rest had been recycled for other uses."

Chapter 7 Errata Fixed in 3nd Printing:

  • Aquisitions should be spelled "Acquisitions"

Chapter 9 Errata Fixed in 2nd Printing:

  • Page 188 top partial paragraph: Change "Jazz" to "Jaz".
  • Page 189 first full paragraph: Mispelled "guidlines" should be "guidelines".

Chapter 12 Errata Fixed in 2nd Printing:

  • Chapter 12: Footnote on page 231 should read, 'Paul Evans was the origin of both the terminology and the technique described in this chapter. Paul is an avid observer of the space program, and realised that many operational approaches used for missions could be applied to system administration. When he developed the technique, the first flight directors wore the same style "flight director vest" as can be seen in films such as "Apollo 13"'
  • Chapter 12, page 232: the table should be centered, the caption should be on one line.
  • Chapter 12, page 254 section 12.1.9 second paragraph: "on may different components" should be "on many different components".

Chapter 17 Errata Fixed in 3rd Printing:

  • Page 331, the rule of thumb should be "five tons of cooling for every 1,000 square feet".

Chapter 21 Errata Fixed in 4th Printing:

  • 22.1, page 447: In the middle of the bottom textbox change 'company's don't "get it" when' to 'companies don't "get it" when'.

Appendix B Errata Fixed in 3nd Printing:

  • B.17, page 715: Aquisitions should be spelled "Acquisitions"

Appendix D Errata Fixed in 2nd Printing:

  • Page 739: Limoncelli and Hogan 2001: title should be listed as "The Practice of System and Network Administration"