Super Secret Discounts

Book Discounts:

SAVE 35% -- Until December 31, 2017: 35% off discount code (book, eBook or both): Use discount code TPOSA35 on

SAVE 40% -- Save 40% if you order 2 or more copies: use the use code "IUGD45" on

CHEAP -- Read it "for free" if you have a SBO subscription: SBO

FREE -- Of course, you can get the book or ebook at no charge at all... if you get your boss to pay for it! (ha ha ha)

Other ways to buy it:

People often ask me, "do the discounts come out of your royalties?" and "how can I purchase it that benefits you the most?". I'm honored that people are so concerned. However, my priority is that the readers purchase it at the greatest discount they can find. That said, we did happen to list thelinks on this page in best-to-worst order.


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