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Hollywood doesn't understand software

Hollywood doesn't understand software. Not, at least, as well as high-tech companies do. This is very frustrating. Bad software keeps wrecking my entertainment experience.

I'm currently writing an article and I need to come up with a term that means software that was written by old-school (historically non-technology) companies just so they can say "Look! we made an app! Will you shut up, now?!" as opposed to software that has great fit and finish, gets updated regularly, and stays current.

My favorite example of this is the CBS streaming software. It seems like it was written just to shut up people that have been asking to stream NCIS, not because CBS actually wants to be in the streaming business.

The HBO streaming software is frustratingly "almost good".

The Weight Watchers app is also in this category. I don't think Oprah approves of this app. Or, if she does, she hasn't seen the competition's applications. This is a "shut up and use it" app, rather than something they're betting the company on. I'm a WW success story but only because I learned how to work around the app, not with it.

Most enterprise software seems to be in this category. "Oh shit, it actually works? Better ship it!" seems to be the rule for most enterprise software. There's no budget for fit and finish for internally-developed apps. There are exceptions to this, of course, but not that many.

Software is eating the world, yo! Develop in-house software competency, hire executives and managers that understand SDLC and operational principles (i.e. DevOps). You can't take a pass on this and hope it is going away. Computers are not a fad. The internet isn't going away.

P.S. No offense to my friends at CBS, WW, HBO, enterprises, and Hollywood. It isn't you. It is your management.

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