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CU-Boulder remembers Evi Nemeth, April 26, 2016

CU-Boulder will be hosting an event on April 26, 2016, to celebrate the life of Evi Nemeth who passed away three years ago. You may remember Evi from her many books on system administration, her tutorials at Usenix LISA, or many of her other projects that influenced system administration as it exists today.

... we will celebrate the life of retired professor Evi Nemeth, an accomplished sailor who was lost at sea in June 2013. Evi joined the department in 1980 and was one its foundational figures for 20 years. She is best remembered for her rigorous data structures class and for providing a safe haven and confidence-building experiences for a generation of students who didn't fit the typical academic mold.

All parents, alumni and friends of the Department of Computer Science and of Evi Nemeth are invited to attend the expo. Alumni, parents and friends are asked to RSVP at

(from this article at CU-Boulder's website)

If anyone that reads this blog is able to attend, please send a report about the event. I'd be glad to post it here on this blog.

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