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Get ready for LISA Conversations Episode 4: Sabrina Farmer

The next episode of the LISA Conversations video podcast will be a discussion with Sabrina Farmer. We'll be discussing her amazing talk "Overcoming My Biggest Roadblock, Myself" from the 2012 USENIX Women in Advanced Computing Summit (WiAC '12).

Watch her talk beforehand, and then join us at 3:30 pm PDT/6:30 pm EDT on Tuesday, October 27, 2015, at the Google Hangout On Air.

The video from Sabrina's talk can be found at´╗┐

The talk was brought to my attention when someone described it was being "the talk that brought down the house at WiAC '12". I watched it and was blown away by her powerful story of self-discovery.

I look forward to discussing it with her next week.

For more info, visit the Usenix LISA Conversations Homepage.

Posted by Tom Limoncelli in LISA Conversations