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New reviews of The Practice of Cloud System Administration

I hadn't realized that Google Play permits book reviews. Strata, Christine and I are very please to read these:

Ivan Dimitrov wrote:

Simplely the best book for system administrators and their managers. Packed with great stuff from first page to the last. If you have to read one chapter - it's the Appendix A :)

Adrian Colley wrote:

This book covers about 85% of what any programmer needs to know to be a fully competent Google Site Reliability Engineer. It's written like a textbook for a training course, but it serves well as a reference text. I never tire of recommending it to my colleagues, even though spreading this knowledge reduces the scarcity of my personal marketable skill set. Despite the use of "cloud" in the title, this is not just for 1000+-node IaaS providers or their customers. It is a guide to modern system administration techniques that any online business will need eventually if it dreams of being depended on by millions of users. (Full disclosure: I used to work in Google SRE, and while there I even got Tom to autograph one of his other books for me.)

Adrian also wrote on Google Plus:

This has become my favourite technical book. It codifies many of the lessons learned the hard way through experience in Internet site operations, but which are not written down anywhere else. It's like a book that fell through a time warp from 10 years in the future. The best bit is that I know for a fact that everything in it is true, because my time at Google permitted me to see these lessons being learned the hard way (that is, through outages, post-mortem analyses, and war stories).

Thanks, folks! Keep writing those reviews!