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I'm giving away 1 free ticket to PuppetConf 2014!

PuppetConf 2014 is the 4th annual IT automation event of the year, taking place in San Francisco September 20-24. Join the Puppet Labs community and over 2,000 IT pros for 150 track sessions and special events focused on DevOps, cloud automation and application delivery. The keynote speaker lineup includes tech professionals from DreamWorks Animation, Sony Computer Entertainment America, Getty Images and more.

If you're interested in going to PuppetConf this year, I will be giving away one free ticket to a lucky winner who will get the chance to participate in educational sessions and hands-on labs, network with industry experts and explore San Francisco. Note that these tickets only cover the cost of the conference (a $970+ value), but you'll need to cover your own travel and other expenses (discounted rates available). You can learn more about the conference at:

To enter, click here.

Even if you aren't selected, you can save 20% off registration by reading the note at the top of the form.

ALL ENTRIES MUST BE RECEIVED BY Tue, September 3 at 8pm US/Eastern time.

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