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LOPSA-East: If you fly here, don't take the train.

The train station that is at Newark Airport is being repaired and is therefore shut down. The dates of this scheduled maintenance coincide exactly with the conference. Sigh.

As a sysadmin, I appreciate the need for scheduled maintenance and appreciate that it was announced in advance. At least this isn't catching us by surprise.

If you were planning on flying to Newark Airport, there are 3 ways you can get to the conference:

  • The airport is supplying a shuttlebus to Newark Penn Station (NPS) (not to be confused with New YORK Penn Station). From there take the train.
  • You can take a taxi all the way to the conference, which is expensive.
  • You can take a taxi to any other station along the NJ Transit "North East Corridor" train line. For example, the Elizabeth station is a short taxi ride from the airport. (Trivia: Newark Airport is technically in Elizabeth, New Jersey).

The shuttlebus is probably going to be the most reliable and least expensive.

The full story is here:

Obviously it's outside the hands of LOPSA-East but I know this will still be frustrating for some of you. Better to know in advance than be surprised when you arrive.

Can't wait to see everyone there!

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