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Time Management Tip: The Oscars

Do you marathon through entire seasons of TV shows in a weekend? You might want to check this out.

AMC has an event where you can watch all the "best picture" nominations. It is pretty intense but awesome. On the first Saturday you watch 4 of them in a row in a 10-hour session. On the second Saturday you watch the other 5 in a 12-hour session. The following day is the award show.

Watching the awards when you've seen 9 of the most nominated films is a different experience.

Some of the benefits: If you've been too busy to get to the theaters all year, this is a great way to consolidate a lot of what you missed into 2 days. The theater is filled with film devotees, so there's no talking, no kids, no txting. There is a dinner break around 5pm, but otherwise you get to gorge yourself on movie theater junk food. (The AMCs near me have pizza.) If you are an AMC "Stubs" member you get $5 worth of "Stubs Bonus Bucks" each day.

I try to do this every year. This year I might only be able to get to one of the two days, which is a shame.

If you are a movie lover I highly recommend this.

(P.S. This isn't a paid endorsement but for full disclosure, I own a small number of AMC shares.)

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