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Today I applied to get my LOPSA LPR

You should too.

The LOPSA Professional Recognition Program (LPR) is not a certification. It is a recognition that the person in question met or exceeded the standards for professional practice. In particular, it certifies that the person has agreed to abide by the LOPSA Code of Ethics and works to keep their skills current in the last year.

I've always been an advocate for some kind of program that would raise the bar among system administrators, encourage professionalism, and spread the word about the Code of Ethics. I'm glad to see LOPSA giving this a try and I think everyone should support it. This is a new program. The more people that join now, the sooner we will all benefit from its success.

It cost $10 took me 30 minutes to write my essay.

Information about the LOPSA Professional Recognition Program can be found here: I encourage you to apply today.

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